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Tips for listing items on eBay

17 Important Tips for listing items on ebay

by English In Sinhala

Tips for listing items on eBay

In this article, we will introduce some valuable tips for the new eBay listing.  Please go through carefully and make your new eBay listing professional quality ones. 

1. Listening Title Very Important.
2. Subtitle… This is good. Not essential.
3. Category – Select the right category first. The second category can also be selected. But the second one has to pay more. Not necessarily.
4. Variance – This is especially important when there are multiple colors/colors on the same item.
5. EAN – now mandatory. But if there is no EAN then we can choose Do Not Apply.
6. Condition One – The one that fits is the Chosen Man
7. Product image – an important one. You can put 12 images in one item (without variation).
8. Item specifics – This is important as we use keywords in SEO.
9. Item Descriptions – Man, as I said, google a list template if you can and make it look professional.
10. If the item price format is fixed, select it.
11. Pay the price to suit you.
12. Select Private Listing by List.
13. Payment Option – Select appropriately. PayPal is the basic one.
14. Return options – Spend 14 days with the supplier.
16. Talk to the item locator and the supplier.
17. There is no promotion option to pay for those who do not have a shop.

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