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Government Emergency Telephone Numbers in Sri Lanka

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List of emergency telephone numbers in Sri Lanka

Here is a list of emergency/rescue/management contact numbers currently in operation in Sri Lanka:

  • 110 – Fire and Rescue Service
  • 112 – Police Emergency Service (Mobile)
  • 119 – Police Emergency Service
  • 114 – Operational Commander Colombo (Sri Lanka Army)
  • 115 – Colombo Municipal Council-Operational Unit
  • 116 – Sri Lanka Air Force Emergency Service
  • 117 – Disaster Management Call Centre
  • 118 – National Help Desk (Ministry of Defence)
  • 1990  – Suwaseriya Emergency Ambulance Service


Emergency Services Telephone Number
Police Emergency Hotline 118 / 119
Ambulance / Fire & rescue 110
Accident Service-General Hospital-Colombo 011-2691111
Tourist Police 011-2421052

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