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How to make Passport for Baby in Sri Lanka

How to make Passport for Baby in Sri Lanka

by English In Sinhala

For those who are preparing Baby Passport (Passport for Children under 16)

Apply for a new passport for the newborn child

Make an online appointment. So, make an appointment. It may be in a month and a half if you get a day, book a time slot in the morning on the day you get it, then the work will be faster. We went to make the baby’s passport. Both parents need to go for it.

You need to take the documents

  1. The receipt of the photo given by the studio
  2. Application forum
  3. Child’s original birth certificate (returned)
  4.  Its photocopy
  5. Parents’ own ID Cards, Passport, and a photocopy of each.
  6. Consent Letter A letter signed by the parents stating that there is no objection to making a separate passport for the child (find the format on the internet).

That’s all. Marriage certificates, light bills, and water bills are not required. The only thing is that both parents must go. Fingerprints are not required for children under 16 years of age, so there is no need to take the child.

We got off the train from Wellawatte and boarded the 177 bus on the other side. You can get off near the passport office, but there are few buses. Go find Gate No. 03 without asking anyone. There are also queues of different races. Go directly to the security uncle and show the booking pdf, you can just enter.

Army and Police will check you and send you inside. On the day we went, there were 2 to 3 queues inside the building according to the booking time slots. Our booking was at 9.15, so we went quickly.

  •  An officer there will look at your PDF and verify it from the list he has. After that, a small seal is put on our studio photo receipt and sent to the 2nd floor.
  • There is a small queue and a token is issued after looking at our photo receipt at a counter.
  • When we go inside with it, another counter will check if we have all the documents we are taking, put them in order, staple them and ask us to go to a hall (Terminal C).
  •  The security man there will send in our token numbers in order like ten.
  • There are 4 counters to accept the application. From there, set the queue to the lowest one and hand over the documents. There, we will be identified on both of our masks and a printed receipt will be given
  • Take it and go directly to the Sarap who pays the money and pay the money (still one day service 15,000/-).
  • After paying the money, we can take the receipt and go out.

I have expanded the process here and written it, so it didn’t take much time for these things. We entered the building around 7.20 in the morning and came out after paying at 7.59. Very quick. But they said that the passport will be issued in 6 hours. If you don’t have anything to do for 6 hours, you can stay there if you walk about 600 meters. Or go out and do some work. Just after 6 hours, the passport was issued and we have to collect it from the counter number on the receipt. Each counter is different. So that’s the story of our baby’s passport. I thought this post would be important for someone who doesn’t know.

Victory to everyone’s dream of going to the country!!

How to make Passport for Baby in Sri Lanka

How to make Passport for Baby in Sri Lanka

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