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How to become a Lawyer in Sri Lanka?

by English In Sinhala


Since I have been working as a Law teacher for a long time, I am well accustomed to answering this question.

01. Pass O/L English with a C pass. Do A/L in Arts or Commerce or Stream. If you pass well, go to Colombo University / Jaffna University or Law Faculty in Peradeniya.

02. If you pass with three S’s, pass the Entrance Exam at Law College or Open University, and study law. Or after completing A/L, enroll in a foreign university recognized by the Law College and obtain an LLB Degree.

03. If you go straight to Law College, you can come out as a lawyer even without an LLB. But if you take an LLB, you can become a lawyer by appearing only for the exams with a waiver from the entrance exam at the Law College.

However, the result is the same.

But I’m going to tell a different story.

Becoming a lawyer in Sri Lanka is a process that only takes place through the Law College. When an LLB Degree is enrolled in Law College, only two educational certificates are required.

01. Ordinary Level Certificate (C pass in English and C pass in Sinhala or Tamil language)
02. Law Degree Certificate obtained from a recognized University.

Now a question arises.

Doesn’t Law College look at A/L certification?

A/L Certificate is required to register for the Law College Entrance Exam. But if they have an LLB degree, they only look at the O / L certificate.

Now the question arises again. That is the topic that needs to be addressed.

Do I have to have passed A / L to register for every LLB Degree?

Obviously not. This applies primarily to government universities.

Resources within free education are limited. What the government is doing is allocating those resources only to the most suitable people. That is why you need the highest result to go to a Law Faculty in a government campus. But this does not apply to private universities. The qualifications required by the Senates vary from institution to institution. They accept different certificates obtained with a C pass in English or equivalent. Accordingly, you can register for an LLB Degree even without doing A / L. It is not a barrier to enroll in Law College later.

Say there’s a little more. There is a confined education in Sri Lanka. Free education and freedom of education are clearly two things.

Let me give you an example. This is just my personal opinion.

Uvindu Praveen Sumanasekera, who took second place in Sri Lanka in the A / L Mathematics section last year, is a former student in my 2016 O / L History Class. To be honest, I had nothing to teach Uvindu. He could have written and passed O / L even at the age of 9. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

It is a national crime for such children to be trapped behind the models set up by the government. I do not know what to say about other disciplines. But I have little knowledge of the fields in which I am engaged. So that’s all I have to say in the end. If a talented and diligent child wants to become a lawyer, he can do so even before the age of 20. No problem.

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