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Wedagama Sri anka

Wedagama Ayurvedic Village

There are very famous talented ayurvedic doctors. This traditional ayurvedic medicines can heal many diseases and illnesses. Wedagama Village specified for “weda”(Ayurveda Doctors). Dr. Sena Bandara is the most popular doctor in Wedagama.

Dr. Sena Banda – Horiwila Ayurveda

About Dr. Sena Banda - Horiwila Ayurveda

Dr. Sena Banda inherits a long tradition of orthopedic treatments in Sri Lanka. The name and fame of Horiwila village in the North-Central province of Sri Lanka became world famous with the rich traditional orthopedic medicinal treatment that one family inherited for centuries and its unblemished continuation to the twenty-first century. During its 1500 years of existence, this unique indigenous treatment system, in many times has superseded the orthopedic treatment technics of the western and other medicinal procedures.

Dr. Herathhamy (Father of Dr. Sena Banda)

Dr. Herathhamy (Father of Dr. Sena Banda) is considered one of the best orthopedic and general physicians in Sri Lanka whose heritage goes back to more than 32 generations, or at least 1500 years. The Horiwila indigenous medical tradition commences from King Dhathusena era and Dr. Herathhamy’s reputation expanded beyond the shores of Sri Lanka. He had thousands of miraculous treatments for his credit derived from recipes which are of confidential hereditary by the family tradition. All his medicinal secrets were relayed to his son Sena Banda – who later became a prominent member of the Ayurvedic Medical Council of Sri Lanka for the past two decades – who is doing a yeoman service for the preservation and development of Sri Lankan indigenous medicine, apart from treating thousands of patients – both local and foreign

Opening Times - Wedagama Ayurvedic Village

Saturdays and Sundays 

Time – 5:30am to 3:30pm

Appointment Numbers will be issued same day above location are given from 4 am onwards.
* Closed only on Poya Days.

If you are willing to go for treatments. Better to go early(from 3.oo a.m) in the morning. Treatments start at 5.30 a.m.Wedagama, off Pugoda, Gampaha District, 'Horiwila Handy Weda', Sri Lanka.


Address – Horiwila Weda Nivasa, Wedagama, Pugoda, Sri Lanka 

Phone – 0112 404935



Horiwila Weda Nivasa, Wedagama, Pugoda, Sri Lanka

Horiwila Weda Nivasa, Wedagama, Pugoda, Sri Lanka

After pass pugoda, Turn right from this place

After pass pugoda, Turn right from this place

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